Smaller plug-in AC Purifiers -- Shunyata, iFi, Puron...something else? What do you like?

I like the Shunyata Venom Defender. It does a good job of reducing noise in my outlets.

I'm wondering if others have tried similar, plug in products — such as the Puron Power Filter or the iFi AC Purifier or something else.



An isolation transformer beats the lot - but it's pricy, and not that convenient.

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@hilde45 ,

 I did not initially believe in that big thread the users were raving about Puron. But finally decided to try because there was money back guarantee. Not going to say much on the improvements because I am not only keeping the Puron, but I have ordered a second one.

You really have nothing to lose. Just return it, if you don’t like it. I doubt you will return it.

I bought a Puron a few months ago. Plugged it in to the same circuit behind my system. I think it's snake oil if you ask me.