Smallish room speakers

I have a small room (12 by 14feet) dedicated to 2 or 2.1 channel sound.  I went through a few vintage configs but finally went with an NAD M22 amp with a McIntosh vintage preamp using some vintage speakers.  I was looking to upgrade speakers and I visited a great shop in Bensalem PA to audition some vintage speakers on sale and owner showed me KEF LS50s.  I bought them on the spot (had to wait a week for them to be ordered).  I added a compact sub SVS.  I really enjoyed this setup but after reading about Tekton I contacted company and spoke with owner Eric - was told impact monitors would be a significant upgrade over what I was using.  I bought them and I would disagree.  There is something quite special about the LS50s.  In my home theater I have Pioneer S 2EX monitors (6K$).  I swapped them in for my KEFs and was disappointed and they went back into my HT.  Tektons pretty much same.  I decided to simplify things and bought the NAD M33 integrated with room correction EQ.  Brought Tektons somewhat to life.  This was very recent and I haven’t tried with the KEFs.  I plan on auditioning the KEF Reference 1 which I’m told would be significant upgrade to my LS50s and I would imagine to the Tekton Compact Monitors.  For some reason the KEFs put a smile on my face and I don’t get that with the Tektons.  
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The KEF Reference 1 eliminates the muddy bass of the LS50. All two-ways (using a tweeter) have some type of low frequency compromise. If I remember correctly, it also has port hose thing that helps change the "damping" of the bass. If you like the LS50 that much, I can only imagine you would really dig the R1. I didn't care for the Tektons I heard, either. People are different. 
Jimman2,  did you listen to any of Stephen’s JAS Audio speakers while you were there?  I have the Orior and love them.  If he still has the next model down, Orsa,  I would give them a listen as well as the Oscar.  
Congrats. Are they the Metas? Did you get a chance to hear the Ref3 at the Bensalem shop? I have a fairly large master bedroom and want to put a set in there but the Ref1 is more than I want to invest. I’ve decided on the Kef for space so trying to decide between these two.
 Due to WAF, location of closets, bathroom, entry door and windows, etc. my speakers are located within a foot of where they will have to remain - lol.  I have settled on my amp/server with the NAD - happy with my Cary and Oppo CD/SACD (and their DACs) setup.  I’m very happy with NAD.  I’m trying to optimize what I have with better speakers.  So I’ve tried 6K Pioneers, the KEFs and the supposedly world beating Tektons (which are at the size limit my other half will allow).  So far the little KEFs are the only ones that make me smile -  I haven’t had a chance to get back to Quest to audition the KEF Reference 1 but owner thinks that if like the LS50 I’ll love those.  So that is my next step.  Unfortunately no unlimited funds either - lol.  

phcollie - no, 1st gen LS50 and I haven’t been back to his shop.  Reference 1 lists for about $8K aren’t the Reference 3s more expensive?  

bryhifi - I’ll make sure I check out the JAS and compare 

noromance - I was happy with the SVS sub - have you compared SVS to the REL?  Both are well reviewed and reasonably priced 

Thanks for all the good opinions and advice