Smash and Grab at High end Store in San Francisco

Was in our local paper that at 4am this morning, a large vehicle drove through the front of an audio store to conduct a smash and grab.

I've heard that the store was Audio Vision SF, which sells Audio Research and other high end brands.

The story said the store sustained 100k in structural damages, but no word on what inventory was taken.
Audeze posted over on Audio Asylum earlier that the thieves made off with $250,000 worth of headphones.
I have been professing that audio is dead the last couple of years. With these recent break-ins of 3 high-end audio places maybe audio is making a comeback. You don't steal things no one wants.
There were 7 similar thefts in the Bay Area (using a vehicle to smash and grab) so it seems we have some rather brazen a**holes. An audio store, a camera store, a Wells Fargo museum, etc.

Now this with Audeze really hits home. I'll never lose my gallows humor (my first post) but I've always hated thieves and wish them the worse life has to offer.

All the best,
Driving a vehicle though and into a high-end store front has been happening in downtown Chicago for a few years now... so much so that some store owners have reverted to installing barriers at their curbside. What the thrives do is crash the store front with one stolen car... while a trailing stolen car pulls up to transport the thieves away.
Another smash and grab in SF early this morning, at Music Lovers, for the second time, they sold the stolen goods here at AG last time: