Smashing Pumpkins reissues

Has anyone heard the Smashing Pumkins reissues yet? I ordered them on vinyl (Siamese Dreams and Gish) and look forward to hearing them. In fact I see several online stores are sold out of Siamese Dreams already. Cheers.
Ran into Billy Corgan @ Record Surplus in Santa Monicaaround a year ago. He was shopping for Vinyl,left the store with an arm full for sure.
I see the Smashing Pumpkins are selling premium digital copies of both reissued albums. They say the below about the premium digital copies -

WAV (Lossless, 24-bit, 96khz .zip file labeled as "Source Audio" - will play in iTunes)

They will play in itunes, but they won't be at 24-bit, 96Khz, right?
I own the Cd versions and the packaging is superb!
Excellent DVD concert(s) as well.
Saw them last year at Mohegan Sun. Just excellent! Billy showed up, if you get my meaning. :-) Now you guys reminded me I don't have any Pumpkin vinyl.
Pretty pumped about the Mellon Collie 4 LP reissue coming soon. I have one pre-ordered. If it sounds as good as the other reissues it'll be a great alternative to spending $300 on an original, even at $90.