SME 20/12 with V 12 VS Sme 30/2

As you prepare to purchase SME 20/12 with V SME 12 with great discount . I was wondering if you have heard and perceived differences with the SME 30 / 2 to move the balance towards the latter model, the network there is very little
the TAS review is very close to a comparison and they spend a lot of words comparing the two tables and how the 20 has changed to get closer to the 30.
Manitunc - Yes, the reviewer spent a lot of words comparing the two tables mechanically, but I think he reviewed the 30 in the past, was speaking of that table from memory, and did not have them side by side for an audible comparison.
As good as we'll get for now.
Citrobacter - I highly suggest you contact Brian Laker at SME. He is very responsive to questions.

PS - Do you have any close relatives named Proteus, Salmonella, or E Coli? :)