SME 20/2 Tonearm Ground Wire: Where in the table should be connected?

Dear Community,

I just purchased my first turntable, an SME 20/2 with the SME IV VI tonearm. For the cartridge I went with the AMG Teatro cartridge (I couldn't digest the idea of buying a more expensive one, at least not yet). Since I don't know much about this turntable and I couldn't find (neither online and/ or user manuals) information or instructions about where the tonearm ground wire connector should be plugged in the in table end: Please if any one of you remember where the SME 20/2 IV VI tonearm ground wire should be plugged in on the table end? I'm referring to the OEM cable which come with the table: There is a DIN connector and the ground wire one. For the DIN is very straight forward because there is a plug-in for it; but for the ground wire: I couldn't find the right place. Please any instructions, suggestions, pictures and recommendations will be much appreciated.  




Which version of the power supply do you have? V1 is a rectangular box with a rotary dial, V2 has a beveled part with push buttons.

I have V2, and there is no grounding wire from the power supply to the table. There is a grounding wire from the junction box (where the power supply is plugged in, and where the motor is plugged in) to a gold plated grounding post the underside of the top plate of the table. There’s another gold plated grounding post attached to the AC motor, but without anything attached to it. This is how the table was configured when I bought it new.

As I recall . . .

The single ground wire (spade) in the phono cable loom is the main ground which connects to the phono preamp.

The second ground spade in the phono cable loom is simply to engage the shielding - it’s the two wires exiting the RCA rears joined together. I typically prefer this connection left hanging (not attached) unless noise is evident.

On a different ground point, many later V2 Motor Controller Units had an additional ground wire terminated with a ring terminal - meant to go to the ground post directly on the motor.

Great phono system! 🎶

First of all, if you have no hum or  noise problem, you may as well do nothing. The only value of grounding is to reduce or eliminate such problems. Second, ground is ground (like every other sweeping generalization, there are exceptions), so all ground wires can be theoretically connected to the same grounding point, in this case the ground lug on your preamplifier. Ideally, they are all at zero voltage. That’s really all you have to know about those ground wires. Others gave you a lot of good detail information specific to SME. 

As @lewm meant to say,  If it aint broke don't fix it. If you have already connected the tonearm's ground wire, the one at the RCA end then you are done. Connecting the other one may well form a ground loop. The extra wire was meant to ground the turntable and it sounds by your description that it is already grounded. Just wrap the wire up and tie it to the others with a tie wrap. It won't be the last loose wire in your life.