SME 30/2 Controller

Looking to get some questions answered regarding a 2004 30/2 turntable. The controller has the knob instead of push buttons and I believe it to be the 2nd generation as the box is longer format. Does the latest controller work with the existing motor?

 The O-Rings are original and the table has been in the box unused since 2009. Is a belt and new rings needed because of age?

 The platter is the mustard/green color but it seems that it was not a change other than color.

 If anyone knows pricing please enlighten me!

 Thanks for any help.


The V damping fluid is a fairly viscus silicone gel stuff (for lack of a better description). It’s really not a big deal to use/install. I had a syringe of it anyway, so it wasn’t any additional cost for me. The only time it can be a pain is if you spill any, or maybe spill when moving the table/arm. It’s a b1tch to clean up for sure. In terms of preference overall to each their own. It certainly isn’t “required”.

Regarding the clamp on or off the table, I don’t really think it’s a big deal either way. The clamp is fairly heavy and it might change the level a bit but enough to make it an issue? Doubt it. When I set up mine I’m pretty sure the clamp was on, but I honestly don’t remember. I’m not sure where the manual mentioned anything about the clamp relative to the tower adjustment. I might have simply shined it at the time.

The second-hand SME 30/12 ibought recently also has the phenomenon fo oil leakage in the column. How to deal with?Thanks

The only way to deal with it is to order Topping Oil for the dash pots from SME. 
You will need to fill the pots to the required height (SME can provide drawing showing fill level). The upper section will need to be lifted off. This requires o-rings, platter, underside rubber counter pull belt and tower supports removed. 
 SME had procedure for all of this. They will email you pdf.  It’s actually very easy but requires 3 people or setting up a support to rest plinth on. 
 If it’s only a slight amount that leaked out don’t bother. 
 I had a lot that came out of 1 pot only. Don’t freak out if it’s just a small amount around the base of the pillar.