SME 3009/II screening/can liner

I have a SME 3009 Series 2 improved, non-detachable headshell, which I want to install on a Thorens TD 147 Jubilee. I have had this arm in its box since the early eighties.

I have been thinking that I may be better off rewiring the tonearm with a better quality cable. When I removed the screening can/liner, screws and spacers the arm looks like an arm with a cylindrical pillar like almost every other arm on the market [Grace 707, Breuer Type 8C, Brinkmann, Stax, Thorens, etc]. I see no reason to leave the can on since the arm’s bedplate is attached to the armboard by four screws.

Besides protecting the wiring, what’s the purpose of the screening can/liner?

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The can is grounded and supposedly prevents signal contamination from stray emf/radio noise. You can accomplish the same using mu-metal shielding around your connections and eliminate the can.

I did a search and noticed that mu-metal shielding foil costs around $3.79 per inch depending of its thickness.

That would not be a problem for but how do I choose thickness and how do I apply it around the connections?

Example, MuMETAL® Foil .002" Thick X 8" Wide - 1ft $28.94

There is .004", .006", .008", .010", etc.

Please advise.