SME 3009 Tonearm rewire

Has anyone recently used SME Certified (Alfred) to upgrade their Tonearm to one piece high quality rewire? Reviews on their site stop in 2012. Does anyone have other suggestions for a one piece rewire of an SME 3009 Tonearm? 



The reason I was asking is I’m having intermittent difficulties with the 4 pin connector at the base of the arm. 

I have an intermittent hum at more than 5 out of ten volume that seems to go away when I move the 4 pin connector at the bottom of the arm assembly. The ground connection on the side of the connector also seems to be a problem. That’s why I was looking into the one piece rewire end to end. 


Honestly it is not a great arm. Only really suitable for high compliance cartridges, unless you have the 3009R which has a stainless steel arm tube and has a higher effective mass.

My advice would be to simply re-solder all the connections - you need to remove all the old solder first and then re-solder with new solder. You might find that the earthing is the issue - there is an earth wire running from the 4 pin bracket to the arm-tube ( inside ) that may be broken - you can use a multimeter to check this.

The other possibility is a dicky joint in the cable from arm to phono - you can test this by using a multimeter to test continuity by removing the arm cable and wriggling the connectors at each end with a multimeter checking continuity.

Any technician should be able to do this in a few minutes if you can’t do it yourself.

A good source for technicians is to check out the professional sound companies who supply DJ equipment - they have tech’s to maintain DJ decks etc and usually are very competent.

Another simple test to see if it is earthing is to run a wire from your phono earth and    use the other end as a probe to touch the arm at various points and see if the hum disappears.