SME IV.Vi or V tonearm: different internal wiring

I might have a problem with my SME IV.Vi's internal wiring(Magnan Vi). Naturally, I would be somewhat apprehensive about replacing it with different wire. I understand SME no longer uses the Magnan Vi. I'd appreciate any impressions you SME IV.Vi or V owners might have who have rewired with Cardas, Discovery or any other brand. Specifically, how do any of these compare soundwise with the Magnan Vi? Thanks very much.
My arm is the standard V with a Purist Audio Venustas Rev C. I have used the damping function with a Koetsu Rosewood Signature and it helped a lot. I now use a ZYX 4D W/Gold coils, and I like it with out the damping. The damping is a good option to have because it can help the sound with the right cartridge. I have been toying with selling the SME V and purchasing a Vi. I think the Vi is a better arm because it does not have the spring for setting the weight and it does sound a little better balanced. I do not know if it is the wire or the lack of the spring weight set up?
As of 2007, SME uses the Van den Hul monocrystal silver inside the V tonearm. One Audiogoner(Clabe)who had his V rewired by SME did not care for its sound, so undertook on his own the job of replacing it with Magnan Vi, and was very pleased with the result. If I was in your position, I would keep the V. It is an excellent arm. But, it's obviously your call. Like me, you might try to gather some information about other brands(Cardas, Discovery, Kondo silver,etc.)of internal tonearm wire before making any kind of move.
Thesoundhouse - If I am not mistaken, when the dynamic VTF force of the spring is set to zero, the arm can be balanced statically just like the Vi. You can make the V as simple as the Vi by turning off the VTF adjustment. With the V you have the option of either dynamic or static balancing, or both. Some set up the arm by applying half the tracking force statically, then adding the other half dynamically with the spring mechanism of the VTF control.
The internal wiring is a different issue. The best SME V internal wiring is MCS150 silver, an optional upgrade and sonically better than the standard V silver wiring. I have no experience comparing the V with the Vi.