Sme new platter material???

I was just over at SME's web site to see if anything had changed, and to my surprise all the decks have black platters.

Does anyone know the score??

Just phoned SME it is cosmetic in that their supplier of the isodamp material no longer produces it in the mustard colour.

Looks quite cool I think, may have to get my model 20 platter recovered.

Jrmanders - I have heard through the grapevine that there will be a major upgrade to the model 20 this fall although I have not heard the particulars. Stay tuned.
Yes I have also heard the same thing. Think it will be a new model though, no retro fit.
Hai rgurney , what upgrade only to the table or also the V arm , you brought me in doubt as i just ordered one , sme 20 /2a.
If its merely cosmetic(remoddeling after a while ) than who cares but you say "major" can you say some more.