Sme new platter material???

I was just over at SME's web site to see if anything had changed, and to my surprise all the decks have black platters.

Does anyone know the score??

Yes I have also heard the same thing. Think it will be a new model though, no retro fit.
Hai rgurney , what upgrade only to the table or also the V arm , you brought me in doubt as i just ordered one , sme 20 /2a.
If its merely cosmetic(remoddeling after a while ) than who cares but you say "major" can you say some more.
Hai to you too. Just quoting the best SME dealer in the UK, noted on the website. The upgrade mentioned was to the 20 model table, not any particular arm. I have no details regarding the actual upgrade. Check with SME.
Hai rgurney i got your message/link thanks, i had my dealer contact sme this morning , he said its gonna get a upgrade although not a drastic one , it does however has a increase in price also , im in doubt know, its been in this form already long on the market and not by mistake i reckon .
Should i go for a sure classic or take a risk and go for the mk 3,......
Has anyone compared the SME tables to similarly priced competition lately? I'm curious about all of the interest in direct drive tables. Also, has anyone ever tried a different mat, platter or clamping device on an SME?