SME V aftermarket cable?

Was wondering which phono cable SME arm owners are using/tried?
I too use the Silver Breeze with silver WBT Nextgen connectors. It made the already nice sounding SME cable (pure hybrid MCD501 cable) sound bland in comparison.

Not sure what your price range is, but this is one top contender for sub 1k phono cables.
I used the stock cable for a while, switched to Cardas, too sweet, and not much highs. I had then switched to Graham IC-70. It was much better than the Cardas.

I had purchased a Furutech cable, it's got really good reviews, but it might not work as the connector is really bulky and might not fit in the space under my table.

I've heard some good feedback with people upgrading the internal wires, I spoke with SME, and they would upgrade the wire to the silver wires used in the latest arms. Some SME V users swear by the Japanese Audio Note Kondo wires. SME said they would install it if supplied by owner. I've seen Audio Note wires by the UK Audio Note, but hardly any260866690769 info on the Japanese Audio Note Kondo wires.

Silver Breeze indeed. Very good cable for the asking price. Was using it with my SME V a few years ago. Now i use Stealth Hyperphono with my Graham Phantom. There is one for sale on here for $1450.00. The seller is giving it away at that price.

You can't go wrong with the Breeze though.
I'm going to try and keep the cost 800.00 or less. (new or used) Prefer din>XLR. Anyone use anything from Kimber or Nordost?