SME V service manual/parts list

I had no problem finding these for an SME 3009 S2, but SME V?

My google-fu is weak. I can't find a single page or image anywhere.

Anyone throw me a bone here?

I just bought an SME V and the VTF knob isn't calibrated. 1.5 gm is really 1.75-ish. Yeah, I'm sure I could send it back for R&R, but I figure there's a set screw somewhere and don't really want to go poking at it just yet without having a schematic.

Plus, I like having as much information as possible on my stuff.



Long talk with Alfred Kayser at SME tonearms just now. Sage advice: don’t F with it, use a digital scale. May send in for rebuild/wiring soon.

thanks for all the suggestions and feedback.

Gotta say it really helped talking to someone who has rehab'd hundreds (thousands) of these tonearms and discuss some of the details of the workings of the things.

THAT made a world of difference.

Kudos to Alfred for not trying to make me out to be a rank amateur and giving some other advice on the turntable to boot.

I had bought some parts from him a few years back, have full confidence in sending the TA in for a complete overhaul/renewal.