SME V, Tri-Planar or Phantom B-44 ?

my table is j michele orb se
Great Thread. Benson 139, I pretty much have the same question as you. I have a SME 20/2 table and have long thought a different tonearm will yield a little more for me (maybe more than a cartridge upgrade).

Both the Graham Phantom II and Triplanar VII u2 are on my list. My dealer recently ordered a new Triplanar and I've heard it in my system, but mounted on a Grand Prix Monaco Turntable. So, to many varibles from my SME 20/2 changing. (same lyra Skala Cartridge)

Honestly, I'll likely will have to take a leap of faith and just order one of these for my SME 20/2. Seems like the Graham is slightly favored-both as a match for my SME tt and as a match my Lyra skala.

Albert Porter just posted under his system some comments on the SME 312s. He loves the micro overhang adjustments using the rack and pinion setup the SME arms have. Of course the 12 inch arm is a another "varible" here than some of us can't take advantage of.
The Triplanar is not first rate with cartridges, which transform a lot of energy into the Arm. The Lyra Skala is one of theses cartridges. The best performance was with the heavy DaVinci (by far)
You're welcome, Aoliviero. And thanks for your kind comments.

Please let us know once you start forming your impressions about the Phantom and the Triplanar in your system.



Your system looks exactly the same as the now deleted Thomasheisig. Are you one & the same?
Dear Dgad: I think that only because 2-3 tonearms and 2-3 cartridges but the whole system is totally different.
Where do you see it " exactly the same " or compare it? or maybe he has two different systems.

Regards and enjoy the music.