Smooth sounding integrated

I’m looking for a smooth sounding solid state integrated amp that is not muffled sounding for less the $1000. Is there anything like this? Years ago I had a Denon stereo receiver that sounded pleasant for tv and movies in our lively family room. A lot has changed since then and would like to try going down this road again, but with a better integrated amp for the family room.
Look into an Acurus DIA-100 Integrated amp. High current, 100 watts per channel and very clean sound. Very nice preamp is already built into the unit. No remote or DAC. The amp on used market can be had for under 500 dollars retailed back in the day for 1,100 dollars. 
I have an Acurus DIA-100 I will let go for 375.00. Perfect condition. I am second owner. 
Ive been happy with British amps...Exposure and Arcam. I’m liking the Exposure better but both were satisfying. 
Rega Brio. As smooth as it gets for a solid state and under a $ik. I have it paired with the Raga DAC-R and Proac tablette 10 Signature.
I see so many suggestions from A'gon members. I never knew. I'll keep an eye out for something that shows up used locally and try one.