Folks, I have the Luxman D03X and it sounds wonderful and I had been wondering about the D10X, so a little research and I found SMSL makes DACs and they have the MODEL NUMBER D300 which uses the same DAC chip ROHM BD34301EKV that is used in the Luxman D10X. 

I just got the SMSL D300 and I hooked it up to the Luxman 595ASE and oh boy.. I was pleasantly surprised how great this little DAC sounds through the system.. The SMSL D300 costs like $360.. I am shocked and amazed on how beautiful it sounds.. Kudos to SMSL!!


I’ve heard that the SMSL D300 punch’s above its weight. Has anyone compared with SMSL’s more expensive dac’s? Thoughts?

Not to more expensive SMSL’s, but I like, very much, my D300.  It’s a keeper!