SNAKE OIL! A new TV Show hosted by David Spade

Maybe we will finally get to answer the age old question if cables are snake oil! Fox is producing a new TV show on Wednesday nights called “ Snake Oil” hosted by David Spade. I’m not sure what the details are but I’m going to send a message to the producers letting them know about our dilemma. Maybe will finally get to know.

I met a fellow member on here who is a writer in the television industry. He wouldn’t tell me what shows he worked on but if you are out there and you know somebody over at Fox please send them a note and some cables! L O L

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If ANY network could produce a show entitled "Snake Oil".....FOX is certainly qualified for that task...It's a Perfect fit for them.

Hey ,let's talk audio not your stupid politics. Doubt this show will talk about audio.

Mpingo discs, carbon fiber outlet covers and cable lifts. Snake oil?  I think not!


You had a good opportunity to talk about a TV show, which was titled (perhaps in irony) of a subject us audiophiles often discuss.

But the topic has already derailed, since you mentioned a network.

In other words, you forgot to put on your “kid gloves”



IIRC, some years (decades?) ago there was talk in the AG’s office of NY of making a case against Monster Cable for fraudulent claims in their promotional material.  It was never pursued, presumably because it mattered so little to the public interest…unlike for example tainted meat or defective cars.  Like GRAS medicines, the supplement industry, and homeopathic remedies, the government stays out where belief systems intersect with commerce. Our little hobby included.