Snake oil of the year?

AQVOK Switch SE Audiophile High-End Network Switch Lan.  I think we are going to have some fun with this one, let it rip here.


Here is the product page.


Many modern high-end digital processors or DACs take advantage of the XMOS xCORE-200 digital receiver. The xCORE-200 massively over samples all incoming digital streams and transfers them on to the I2S bus with absolute jitter free certainty. This technology has rendered most re-clocking and jitter reducing accessories obsolete.

Tech Blog: Using technology to upgrade Digital Signal Processing without added complexity or expense

Deer Creek Audio is an authorized miniDSP dealer


All the switches are snake oil imo... if you have a good newtwork player that s all...

True that you can end up with a satisfying sound with ethernet to a good network player. But that 'satisfying sound,' can be improved upon.

In small increments with differing additions these (you call them snake oil) pieces add to a greater whole. I have lifted my system performance in this way, one effective piece being a reclocked network switch.

There's no such thing as an audio grade switch. 

This butchered TP Link  that is marketed as one is a bit more snake oily than most. 

actually audioTroy,

people are still laughing at speaker spikes because they don't isolate anything, the vibration is going to the floor and then from the floor they go back to the spikes and into the speaker shaking them, those spikes are useless, decoupling speakers is the only way to go not coupling and the best isolation product for that is the Townshend podiums, maybe you should go look them up.

@urbie you are right the podiums or at least the isoAcoustics products should be used  to decouple speakers.

@ilkeresmer I am going to say you are wrong All the switches are snake oil imo... if you have a good newtwork player that s all...

I have an Innuos Statement and upgraded to fiber using the Gtek Media Converters (a switch) and it was a marked improvement. I also have a LessLoss Echo’s End DAC equipped with the LessLoss Firewall 640X and I added the Gtek based on peoples experiences here on Agon.

Open your third eye, mind and ears to what can be for cheap sometimes.

Now lets talk about $8500 power cords.