Snarky Puppy is On Tour!

I’m going 4/21 in Columbus Nationwide Music Hall. 

Anyone else anywhere planning or has already been? Please share!


I saw them last summer, opening for Steely Dan at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati. Not super familiar with them and was underwhelmed. Was also underwhelmed by this version of the Steely Dan (Fagen) show. Saw them a few years ago with Fagen and Becker and it was a much better show.

I so want to love Snarky Puppy, but they miss being great for me. 

They are certainly good, but I want my fusion to be a bit more fiery, intense, and complex.

With that being said, I have seen them every time they've been to LA, and will most likely see them this time when they are in LA in September. 

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Saw them several years ago in a small club in Grandview (near Columbus OH). Thoroughly enjoyed them and walked away pretty impressed with their individual and collective talent. Especially enjoyed the drummer at the time, Sput Seawright.