Snell Type D Hook Up

Hi, looking for advice again. I have a pair of Snell Type D that have turned into the bane of my life. I took them into get repaired, tweeters we,re not working, only the bass drivers were. I,m using jumpers. The repairman said nothing wrong, I was not tightening the post enough. he threw a cheap pair of wire on the posts and the speaker played perfectly. I am using speltz anti cable which somehow I think is the problem but I have no good idea why. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Thanks much, Dave
you must connect the speaker wire from the amp directly to the high frequency inputs (not the other way around). shoot me an email.
Hi, I was doing some searches on Snell and I came upon an old post that I had left in 2012. It brought a smile, long story short, Bill Thalman was kind enough to visit my house and assured me that energy was coming from both my Type Ds and Europas. Three years later I'm wearing hearing devices and darn, Bill was right, speakers are singing.
There is no doubt that the ear horns are the critical component in my set up. Regards, Dave