Did anyone watch the Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins game last night?  The Buffalo fans were pelting the Dolphins with snow/ice balls and it became so bad that they halted the game and asked the fans to desist.   the thought of 300 pound, fully padded gladiators who hit each other in high speed collisions being scared of a few snowballs was hilarious.

  What’s the Audio equivalent?  Someone going ballistic when a fly lands on their $100K power amp?


What about all the referees and all the staff and volunteers that work the game?  

@hilde45 ...*L* Well, not yet...and not by me. ;)

The fans likely more a threat to each other rather than the teams, but the refs...?

Gotta have a good arm to nail a moving target, anyway...

A lot of folks down there are not wearing helmets and pads.  Even with the gear, an ice chunk from the upper deck can take out an eye permanently.  But at least it wasn't in Philly, the snowballs would have had batteries and razor blades inside.

The refs were right to stop the game and enforce order.  Looking at some soccer highlights from Australia this weekend, it’s clear that the boundary between mischievous fan misbehavior and serious outcomes can be a thin one.  So I retract my post but won’t delete it and accept all of the criticisms.

   I just can’t rid myself of the image of an ex player, maybe sixty years old, who had a long and successful career and was famous for dealing out ferocious hits, having to explain to his grandchildren that his storied career was ended by an injury caused by a…snowball

mahler123 - There’s a reason they wear helmets with face masks, some with plastic eye shields, it’s a very violent sport, and the head and face are very susceptible to serious injury.  Many on the sidelines; players, coaches, officials, police officers, security people, etc., don’t have helmets on, making your ignorant argument a moot point.  I spent 25 years as a policeman, with 15 of them also working part-time at Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Cavaliers games.  There was absolutely zero tolerance for anyone throwing anything on or near the field or court, an arrest, night in jail, and date with a judge was the result.  It stated so on the tickets to the games, and an announcement stating so was made over the PA just prior to the start of the games.  Fortunately, there were very few who were ever that ignorantly stupid and thoughtless.

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