SnubWay Question Thread

Happy New Year

For those interested - the 1st of three Snubber Products is ready for full scale production - SnubWay works really well with Puron, each doing their job in good order. 

Viet made a tidy little video to explain the product a bit and make a demo - this is from his What’s On The Bench Videos

We tested ParaSnub (aka SnubWay) with a simulated SMPS noise source that has an 1kohm impedance. This is to simulate a typical SMPS transformer impedance between the high frequency generated voltage and the line (mains) that it is connected to. We inject about 5Vpp 400kHz, 100kHz and 60kHz noise using a function generator and get between -30dB to -33dB reduction in noise (about 100mV to 150mVpp). This is a significant amount of noise reduction and can really help clean up the SMPS noise contamination in our power outlet strip. The level of reduction may vary, and will depend on your particular SMPS noise source impedance, your equipment, and your particular house wiring, etc.

A short You Tube Video here




I don’t mind this thread either. I appreciate honesty in trying to help others vs shilling to making a sale, giving vs receiving.

Thanks for sharing.

I was eagerly awaiting my Snubway but did not realise i’m in the next batch. not the first 100.

I have many (and I mean many) of these plug in parallel filters, but never one that purports to target just the SMPS noise. It’s a great idea.

Due to lack of dedicated listening room my stereo shares duties with an OLED tv and an Xbox. Both those devices will be emitting SMPS noise even in standby mode.

Received my Snubway this week and in short order it has been a definite improvement and it’s not subtle.  Mark has another winner with the Snubway. Here are my initial highlights after only a few days using the Snubway:

Quiet blacker background, clearer details and separation of instruments, hearing subtle background instruments I have not heard prior, more 3D and holographic- music comes out into the room and music seems to surround me more, with less noise in the environment I play at a lower volume to reach my preferred listening level at 60-70db.  I certainly did not expect this!  Looking forward to Main Stream🤪