So disappointed in today's Americana

I make it a habit of getting the Grammy nominated Americana albums from the library each year. Past years have introduced me to much new music, some good, some bad, some treasures (TajMo for example). This year I just listened to Brandi Carlile's cd 'By the way I forgive you', nominated for best Americana roots album. OMG it is unlistenable! You would think singer / songwriters would strive for a pristine recording that highlights their lyrics and mostly acoustic arrangements. No - it is a sonic mess, compressed all to hell. To quote my wife "Turn that crap off". End of rant. 
I guess my fix is not to listen to heavily compressed recordings in my main system. BTW - watched Brandi Carlile on the 2018 Americana awards show last night. Nice performance that sounded good on my upstairs A/V system. The rest of the show was a little uneven but enjoyable.   
Have seen Rhiannon live with Carolina Chocolate Drops at City Winery. One of the best shows we saw that year!
Thanks for Chris Hillman. Then there’s David Crosby’s “Here if You Listen”. Tidal MQA