So how many people jumped on the PS Audio Black Friday Sale For The BHK Amps And Pre Amp?

I just wondered how many people on this site jumped on the aggressive deals that were offered?
I wonder if its a success if more audio companies will jump on the bandwagon next year!
Thanks In Advance
I own both the BHK-250 Amp and the BHK Pre Amp.  Unfortunately, I bought them several months ago.  I did get a 10 to 15 percent discount at the time of the purchase.  All that aside, both components are well built and sound great. The professional reviews of them  are off the charts. PS Audio's customer service is first rate as well. Anyone contemplating buying a new amp and /or pre amp, by all means give the  BHK-250 and associated pre amp a look. 
I purchase the BHK preamp and the BHK 300 monoblocks on the black friday deal thru my dealer.  The preamp arrived and breaking it in.  Amps have not arrived yet.  
I also jumped on the sale.  I already had the BHK pre-amp, DS Jr DAC, and the P10 power regenerator, and will now be adding the BHK 300 monos to the system once they arrive.  Very much looking forward to them.