So, I got scammed. Beware.

Doesn't seam like anyone here is as naive as I am, but please beware of this Swedish site:

I had a lengthy transaction with a seller there which ended up being a total fraud. I paid and they've vanished, its been 2 weeks. Today I had a friend in Sweden inquire on the item and he received an immediate reply from a totally different name, saying it was available.

Fraud claim has been filed and who knows if I'll get my money back, but it's quite upsetting. Just be careful with online transactions.
Did the sale originate here on Audiogon? A little more info if you might as not all online puchases are fraud, if you could name the culprit that would help. Good luck and sorry for your situation. Enjoy the music
No, thankfully not from Audiogon. Of course not all online purchases are fraud, I do them all day, but just calling out this site as it appears to be rife with scams.

This is the seller:

As long as you pay with a Credit Card you should always be protected by your CC company (or Paypal).  Anybody that pays in Cash, Direct Wire transfer Bank to Bank, Personal Check/Cashiers Check/Money Order is being a fool if they dont know who the other party is.