So, I got scammed. Beware.

Doesn't seam like anyone here is as naive as I am, but please beware of this Swedish site:

I had a lengthy transaction with a seller there which ended up being a total fraud. I paid and they've vanished, its been 2 weeks. Today I had a friend in Sweden inquire on the item and he received an immediate reply from a totally different name, saying it was available.

Fraud claim has been filed and who knows if I'll get my money back, but it's quite upsetting. Just be careful with online transactions.
I got my money back. THANK GOD. Now I just need to find the perp and dangle them off a terrace.

PayPal (eBay owns PayPal) makes a distinction between ’paying for goods’, and ’sending money’

eBay no longer owns PayPal. They sold it off in 2015 I believe, and in the future will be partnering with another money transaction company. From what I have read, PayPal may not even be an option on eBay after 2023.
op, congrats,

lesson learned, future trouble avoided, people warned, thanks


I did not know that, thanks for the info, I hope people great at security stays involved.