So just how much vinyl do YOU own?

Let's hear some numbers!

And when do you think you might have enough to last your lifetime?

Or is it like horsepower ... Too much is never enough!

Do you have regular clearouts or just keep adding until the floorboards start to creak!

All just for fun people!

My LRS buys complete collections and unfortunately that may include some dross.

So no they are not deliberately buying junk records.

More likely a complete collection similar to yours at the onset. Then they cull the chaffe just as you did and send them onto another world.

A lot of the collections they buy its take all or nothing.

This guy likely has the largest selection in Florida for sale.
Currently around 3000+.  I've easily owned over twice that.  I've got about 1000 within reach and the other 2K are in storage.  Guess I've already 'cherry-picked' the best for whoever comes after me!;)
And I wonder just how many of that 6 million are really Goodwill store fodder.

Just vinyl for vinyl sake. 

I know he is reputed to really love vinyl but still... 6 million?