So just how much vinyl do YOU own?

Let's hear some numbers!

And when do you think you might have enough to last your lifetime?

Or is it like horsepower ... Too much is never enough!

Do you have regular clearouts or just keep adding until the floorboards start to creak!

All just for fun people!
I got rid of 2500 LPs a few years ago. Just too much to lug around. Shed a few tears. Still had around 1200 CDs, 75% classical. And I forget how many opera DVDs/BRDs. But no vinyl. Sold the turntable.

Then I got married. My husband, Opera Beau, has approximately 4,000 LPs, 99.9% classical. That tally used to be over 15,000 after he inherited his best friend’s extensive vinyl collection - Herbie was a choral singer and opera fanatic who worked at Rose Records in downtown Chicago. Opera Beau winnowed that down after a few years, and then still further after our most recent move to a condo.

We are still enjoying many of the LPs, especially the rare and vintage ones. There is much pleasure to be had from using our TT, reading album liner notes, looking at the photos, reading the large type librettos. Sometimes we open an album and find a wonderful surprise, like an autographed recital program by the artist on the recording (thank you, Herbie). But we are working on reducing still more - we will never listen to them all. Opera Beau’s adult sons have no interest in classical music. (However, the youngest grandson, nine year old offspring of a rock guitarist dad, has a turntable and plays records on it every day - Beatles, ELO, Talking Heads...and Beethoven and Vivaldi.)

We downsized a lot of household items when we moved last winter. There are days I think I ought to go streaming for my digital media, get rid of a bunch of CDs. But I'm down to 800 of those, we have a library that presently holds all books, DVDs and music media very comfortably. So who am I kidding?
Finished catalogue everything via Discogs and was a little surprised to see I had more cassette tapes than vinyl!

Going to have to fix that pronto... Lol

About 2500, it quite suprises me that this seems a typical collection size. Not sure what I thought a typical size would be.  It's too much, though there is nothing I wouldn't play. The largest slab is probably opera, well someone has to like it.

 I read somewhere, can't remember that someone in China had bought a collection of over 220,000 LPs, why? The same article calculated it would take 22 years to listen to them all.

 It does worry me a little, that my poor kids are going to have to get rid of them, when I finally fall of my perch. A depressing subject, but has anyone else given as thought to the subject? My idea, if I get any warning,  is to select out the premium stuff that may have some value, to try and sell themselves and the rest, I don't know. Most LPs are worth very little.


Your last statement does worry myself as well unless my daughter deals with it.
Left to my wife she would likely just put them all out on the curb!
But as to the valued ones yes indeed.
Part Two of reasoning of catalog all on Discogs so value ( or at least an idea based on past sales) is easily known to all.

Around 1200 the last time I checked years ago.  Still not alphabetized, so when I look for a certain lp I come across many others I forgot about that will get played.  It's my way of checking them all out instead of just going to a certain section where they should be.