So This Really Is The End....

Hi All,

Just thought I'd take a minute to share. Since 1976, I've been a customer of a  record store in the University of Cincinnati area called Mole's Records. The store has been in existence for over forty five years. Tonight I've just come home from the party celebrating its final day. I'm sure the party is still happening but I decided to exit, as a flood of memories leaves me with the need to pause and reflect. Whenever I would catch a show at a small venue called Bogarts (Todd Rundgren, Butthole Surfers, Warren Zevon, etc...) I'd first stop in and B.S. with the owner. As a teenager, I never really had any money so I wasn't buying records or CD's until the mid 1980's but that was all -right by the owner and I know I was just one of many who would do the same thing. The store was small but they had a good distributor and I could buy boutique audiophile CD's and vinyl like; Audio Fidelity, MOFI, Analogue Productions, record store day releases, and used originals. If they didn't have it, then I could typically place an order and get it within a couple of weeks. My last purchase was the Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD of Steely Dan's 'Two Against Nature'. Great sounding mix by the way! Of course, we still have record stores in this relatively small mid-western town but Mole's was the oldest store still in existence. And I have to honestly say, I'm not exactly sure how these other record stores can financially make a go of it. I'm now at a place where I'm totally relying on  downloads, internet orders and Qobuz. Anyway, just feeling sentimental so thanks!



@asvjerry -- Asheville is an ABSOLUTE must visit!  Beautiful scenery, and tons of lakes with 10 pound largemouth swimming in them and 5 pound smallmouth.  Not to mention truly Trout unlimited. 


Asheville is now challenging Portland, OR, for the Micro-Brewery Capital of the U.S.  So many breweries your head will spin....literally.   And the iconic Orange Peel music venue.  I love stopping in A-Town on my way to Knoxville. 


i am curious of what you spoke about referencing to me in 72 ?



@mahgister thing in common is 72...👍 ...but refuse to do ’gracefully’....

Man I feel really guilty. With the exception of 6 years or so in the late '80s early 90s I've lived here all my life and had no idea moles was still open. I definitely would have checked it out. As far as the old school holdouts everybody's records is my go-to although I do a lot of business with spiral groove and the morrow audio store across the river. I spend at least $200 a month on vinyl exclusively and would have been happy to throw some of that business their way. You mentioned Bogart's, thanks for the memories. I saw countless bands there usually just wondering in off the street. Robin Lacey and dazydeco.. psycho dots.. midnight on Vine.. my favorite was a dead cover band called the spirtles out of Indiana

@mahgister ...72 years of age in common, ref-ing back to your earlier post...

Now that we’ve the experience, knowledge, and ’wiz-dum’ that all seem to desire & require...we get ’blown off’ by the punks...*ironic L*

Well....they’ll get theirs...*evil snickers fading into coughing fit* ;)

...but it’s fun to get the drop on them with the ’casional one-liner that causes pauses....*G*

@allenf1963 ...yeah, it’s nice here. *S* Although the ’out of state’ (and mind, sometimes) plates seem to begin to outnumber the locals, esp. with parking... ;)

Not a ’fisher person’ myself, but happy to enjoy eating the catch of the day...

Out-pacing Portland is a mixed bag, my friend.... The large and well-placed property next to us (and earlier, occupied by) came up for sale.
Spouse Ev and I fretted....Hi-Wire is .25 mi. away (crawling distance! *LOL*) and another Next Door would be likened to inviting the locusts to consume any/all vehicle spaces and even that which is not....

...and I can’t ’pump up the volume’ enuff to drive them off....nay, loudness seems to draw them in, and considering what I ’play’....😬😟

But...bought by a legit biz that does terrain site studies for construction purposes...

*whew* Howitzer shell missed. *g*

The ’Peel....was there Fri. night for a show..curious ’bout the act, not so happy ’bout the venue anymore. The O’P could use a serious renov, as it sounds like a barn, which it truthfully IS. Better PA, -ventilation- (that Big Ass fan just don’t cut it, and really never did), and when the crowd cheers/whistles/shouts... ’gentile’ ears can’t cope no more with it....the music, the point, yes..

Moi’ & the 'dirty white noise' of 'crowd appreciation"?
Sadly, no...😔
Indoors don’t work no mo’...

Bright shiny NEW venue on Coxe, .5ish W. of ’Peel: Rabbit Rabbit.

Brought to us by: The O’P.. Outdoors. Better layout (beer & food not flanking the audience area). Season One 6/1/’23.

I’ll keep eyes open for an act I’d catch, review to view after. ;)

(They actually approached us for a ’temp. playground’ for an grand opening...
"Ah, we don’t do ’temp’ ’t’all," (..and mixing over-amped kids with drinking ’adults’?

Bad idea...