So, What is the Verdict on the Beatles Box Sets?

I see a WIDE variety of opinions on the new Beatles Box sets; both for the stereo and mono versions. Have you spent some quality time evaluating these? How good/bad are they? Should we run out and get both sets? What about releasing them on vinyl; is that going to happen?
Thanks Wireless. The real test, though, is to compare the four 1987 monos with their 2009 mono counterparts. Has anyone done that yet?
Alpass, funny you should mention that. While listening to monos and stereos back-to-back, I could hear the difference but equally importantly I could also *feel* the difference. It's a familiar but uncomfortable physical reaction I recognize from a lot of latter-day recordings. The interesting thing is, I believe my kids without consciously knowing it had the same reaction. Honestly I was proud of the rug-rats.
wireless take ur head out of. everything was avail in mono at time of release up until yellow sub, and i even found a mono abby in london in 89'. if u all are hard for the love lp so be it what could be more processed, but we all love it. listen either u love or u dont. bright compressed left right. these reiss. are the best your gunna get. like or not. any lp after this are cummin from these masters. look and see what org. brit. first press monos go for. now u can cry to your 8yr old.
Wireless200 - did you hear that man landed on the moon in 1969 or did that bypass you also. Wow....
I didn't say mono passed me, and in fact watched and remember the moon landing. But when I started buying albums heavily in the 70s, which included the Beatles collection, most of them were stereo. I seem to recall that Revolver and everything after was in stereo, even if it was inititally pretty basic (voice out of one speaker instruments out the other). There was no choice of mono that i recall and I was an avid collecter visting many record stores even up through the late 80s. Things were a little simpler then too. :) Although the 2000s have been a little complicated to recall.

As far as buying Love (Money can't buy me Love}... I don't really care for those kinds of latter day collections though I've read some reviews that it was good. It got all the digital "treatment" and all right? Ooops, not sure that's a plus... And the new stereo remasters got some good reviews.

Generally, I haven't heard a lot of remasters that improved much on the originals, including those Jimmy Page did with their stuff ("How the West was Won"). Sorry it's all about boosted highs and higher levels. Ridiculous and a sad what these brilliant muscisians must be thinking when people tell them they have to go the DSP route and make it louder with more bass and sparkle "so that people will listen."

I'm happy with the mono reissues that I've heard. I think it's one case where the purists won out. Still I bet it doesn't sell an inkling of the stereo remasters volume.

Yesterday I was buying a couple of speakers from a smart but relatively young Dentist. He was telling me he's an audiophile. His "audiophile" source was a modded ipod called the imod that plugged directly into the active speakers I bought. I guess I encountered the target audience for "remastered" music!