So what would you recommend for my next upgrade?

I'd be interested in your thoughtful recommendations for my little system. With some recent help on "tuning" the speakers, it's beginning to sound very nice. But, you know, there's always room to grow . . . or spend money. Equipment list is as follows. So what's my next step . . . uh I mean investment?

Analog Front End:
Rega Planar 3 turntable
Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge
Connection to phono amp: MIT cables (ancient, no network box)
NAD PP 2i phono preamp
Connectors out: MIT MI-330 Plus interconnects

Digital Front End:
Rega Planet
MIT MI-330 Plus output interconnects

Bryston B-60 integrated
Bottlehead Foreplay preamp is available
Zu Julian speaker cables - 12' (can go to 6' now)

Thiel 1.5s

Own 4000+ vinyl records and growing continuously
Own 100 CDs and growing slowly
Set up for near field listening
Room under construction - will tune it when that is done

If you are happy with your Thiels then I would get a new phono preamp and/or a speed control for your Rega 3.
Zd542 - thanks...what phono amp would you think would be synergistic in my system?