So what would you recommend for my next upgrade?

I'd be interested in your thoughtful recommendations for my little system. With some recent help on "tuning" the speakers, it's beginning to sound very nice. But, you know, there's always room to grow . . . or spend money. Equipment list is as follows. So what's my next step . . . uh I mean investment?

Analog Front End:
Rega Planar 3 turntable
Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge
Connection to phono amp: MIT cables (ancient, no network box)
NAD PP 2i phono preamp
Connectors out: MIT MI-330 Plus interconnects

Digital Front End:
Rega Planet
MIT MI-330 Plus output interconnects

Bryston B-60 integrated
Bottlehead Foreplay preamp is available
Zu Julian speaker cables - 12' (can go to 6' now)

Thiel 1.5s

Own 4000+ vinyl records and growing continuously
Own 100 CDs and growing slowly
Set up for near field listening
Room under construction - will tune it when that is done

Are you using any isolation tweeks in your system? Footers, cones, TT Isolation systems do improve sonics.
OK, just got out of the real world and OMG, lots of opportunity here! So to summarize:'

- Czarivey - yeah, I know, digial's the future. I do have plenty of storage (~6 TB), a fast connection and the itch but I'm a little hesitant to jump into another SW medium. Stand by.

- Almarg - got a cleaning wife surprised me with it one Christmas...isn't that cool? 'course it has to stay in the me.

- Donno what MAGICO is . . . should I care?

- Mesch - Oh really? OK, I don't recall much about the Zu wires from when I bought them . . . but I take it they are acceptable. Ordered a set of (don't gasp) short Blue Jeans just for fun today. And, yep, the room is going to get trashed over the next 90 days, so I'm bidding (sp?) my time. But plan to do adjustments by ear, not with some sort of room analysis device/software....more fun.

- Minorl - OK, that's really interesting. The MIT's seem really OK but are a major structural pain-in-the-arse. I'd love to pare down the system physically so something without the big "network" boxes would be nice. The Transparent audio cables are something I will look into. Since I have Thiel ("take no prisoners") speakers, it's hard to know what might work with them. On CDs, hard to borrow around here in sophisticated New Hampshire but I'll see. And I'm not keen on buy and return...seems dishonest. Not sure how to explore that...of if I want to chase CDs, yet.

- Mapman - Ah Mapman, great to hear from you again. I do have a record vac but tend to be lazy about using it. Also, the fluid I've bought in the past evaporated. When I Googled (a verb!) DIY stuff...the recommendations read more like some sort of secret chemical weapon.

Now (once again), I never thought of a backup cartridge. What a great excuse. Could use some recommendations! Has the advantage of coming in a small package that my "significant other" would spot as above my pay grade...unlike a set of Thiel 2.3s.

- Lowrider57 - uh, only use isolution stuff on the turntable but it seems so expensive for such little hardware. I just built a custom table for the system - kinda like what the reviewer 6moons has - so isolators would be a logical next step. Any recommendations on what and where to buy?

- Tbromgard - kinda a big field "phono pre"...any more specific...and why?

Thanks everyone, as always.
Dancub, nice to see you are open to new ideas.

I recommend Herbie's Audio Lab.

He makes all kinds of isolation devices for everything in the system. Even makes a very nice TT mat; I use one and noticed better dynamics and a more focused sound. (He will also offer advice).

I use Big Tall Tenderfeet under every component. Not expensive for the many benefits they provide. You should defintiely use an isolation footer under the CDP and preamp. Also for an integrated in your case.

And there's nothing wrong with Blue Jeans cable. Sounds better than many expensive ICs. They're cheap so use them until you're ready to upgrade.
With all that vinyl, getting a record cleaning machine should be a priority. Next.. a tube phono pre would be nice in your system.