So what would you recommend for my next upgrade?

I'd be interested in your thoughtful recommendations for my little system. With some recent help on "tuning" the speakers, it's beginning to sound very nice. But, you know, there's always room to grow . . . or spend money. Equipment list is as follows. So what's my next step . . . uh I mean investment?

Analog Front End:
Rega Planar 3 turntable
Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge
Connection to phono amp: MIT cables (ancient, no network box)
NAD PP 2i phono preamp
Connectors out: MIT MI-330 Plus interconnects

Digital Front End:
Rega Planet
MIT MI-330 Plus output interconnects

Bryston B-60 integrated
Bottlehead Foreplay preamp is available
Zu Julian speaker cables - 12' (can go to 6' now)

Thiel 1.5s

Own 4000+ vinyl records and growing continuously
Own 100 CDs and growing slowly
Set up for near field listening
Room under construction - will tune it when that is done

With all that vinyl, getting a record cleaning machine should be a priority. Next.. a tube phono pre would be nice in your system.
At the risk of being cast out for Blasphemy...

Have you considered an Analog to Digital Convertor, such as the Ayre QA9?

If you're more adventurous, and want to remain in the analog world, another upgrade to consider would be a quality reel-to-reel. To paraphrase, vinyl is nice, but nothing else quite sounds like tape...

Hope that helps.
Gslone - got a vac cleaner so am starting to use.

Courant - I do have a couple ADCs but not sure what to do with them. The records I want to transcribe are, so far, limited. Don't know what if anything else they buy me.....?

No one's suggested an alternative to my NAD phono pre yet ... ?
I moved into a dedicated audio room ~ 1 year ago. Made my own sound panels using supplies from ATS Acoustics. I also tune by ear, as I agree, more fun. It is an ongoing process. Seems I have a tendency to over treat then remove treatment until I get it right.

No problem with the Blue Jeans. Based from what I have heard from others a good place to start. Cable upgrades and other tweeks can be added after you have dealt with room treatment and speaker placement.

I am hesitant to recommend a phono pre as I have only owned 3 recent ones. A Jolida JD-9, NAD PP3i, and now a Lounge. The Jolida was the best of the three and very flexible. I would look into Music Direct and Needle Doctor online. They have several models available. I think you would benefit from more gain than the NAD provides (36dB i believe). I also have the Bluepoint. The Bluepoint outputs 2.5 mV which is at the low end of the HOMC/MM range. Sumiko recommends a capacitive loading of 50 pF at 47K resistance.

Good luck on development of your listening room.
Have you considered the hand built Audiomods tone arms?

They start at around $750 + shipping + duty - so budget around $850-$900 for the Classic without the micrometer VTA

The base model has a locking VTA included which is easy to adjust at setup- if you don't make a habbit of changing cartridges frequently.

I have the Classic with a Denon DL 103 and a friend has the Series V with a Van den Hul Colibri - both arms perform extremely well and are very easy to install on Rega's

Jeff (Mr. Audiomods) now offers Eichmann Silver Bullet rca's on their silver continuous loom for superb details.

The bead-blast finish is very nice and with the gold plated counter weight providing a nice contrast.

It will elevate your Rega to a whole new level of performance - looks great too :-)

Drop Jeff a line to see if it is a good match to your cartridge - he's very responsive and knowledeable about cartridges and can tune the arm mass somewhat to your cartridge

Regards - Steve