So whats your favorite music themed movie?

I am talking fiction or non, from Almost Famous, Spinal Tap to The Song remains the same........if its about music in any form lets hear your pics, some may learn of a new flick to watch. Cheers
Of recent films:

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (2005)-- Great movie!

The Tic Code w/ Gregory Hines as a jazz musician taking a talented child under his wing

Once -- about a migrant street musician, and a love story

Forgot completely about this one...

"Joe Dirt".

A comedy with David Spade, and a lot of classic rock, from Argent, Joe Walsh, Eddie Money, Cheap trick... etc. Worth viewing for sure, in spite of Dennis Miller being part of the cast.
BLOWUP !!! Score by Herbie Hancock, but that Yardbirds' performance really took the cake.