So where should the tubes be?

Source, preamp, dac, amp? Or should they be in as many components as possible? Does anyone subscribe to such a system where there are tubes everywhere?  Base answer on acceptance of tubes somewhere.
Tom - that is outstanding. As you know, Ludlow is on my bucket list…

When i am next in Ohio, we shall coordinate… Walleye fishing and tunes :-)


Not in any sound system that I own.  Completely unnecessary and undesirable for good clean sound.
Way off topic but I have a promo LP pressing of the Tubes What Do you Want From Live that sounds fantastic. - I think its a white label radio station copy. When I moved to NYC’s East Village in the late 80’s everyone was dumping their vinyl for CD, and obviously a lot of people in the music business lived in the ’hood. Many of the LP’s I bought at the time were promo copies and some included white label radio pressings, which are often the best sounding pressing of a title I have. I was an early CD adopter and when I got my first high end rig after college, I found my $100 technics table (with an AT12SA Shibata cart) trounced CD and modest DACs of the era, and bought about 2500 lps when people were selling them by the milk crate for a buck or slightly more. A friend in that neighborhood recently told me in that era he left 2000 lps on a street corner one day for people to just take.

@tomic601  - You may be disappointed in the new Ludlow Garage. It is now in the basement of the building that previously housed the Ludlow Garage. It's not the same room where The Allman Bros. recorded "Live at Ludlow Garage". But hey, it's still the same building in Clifton, so I guess that counts for something.

They're trying. They do have a lot of shows for acts that play smallish room. I've seen a few good ones there, including a real cracker of a show by The Alarm. Currently holding tickets for Son Volt and Shovels and Rope. Will probably go to The Tubes show. I've seen them a few times over the years and always enjoyed it. But don't know how a 70 year old Fee Waybill is going to pull off "White Punks on Dope".