So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...

Here is a very relevant discussion among physicists about the directionality...the way signal and electrons should flow... based on conductor orientation. Some esoteric, high-end manufacturers say they listen to each conductor to see which way the signal should flow for the best audio quality.

Read this discussion. Will it make you rethink what you’re being told and sold?
Yeah those active ATC ones are tres nice ain’t they.....really surprised how much better they were than their non-active kin, which until I heard the active ones thought they were pretty good...


If you hear a difference but your measurement instruments are saying no difference, then maybe you are measuring the wrong thing...

Funny how the discussion has moved away from measuring cables’ properties to measuring speakers.

Not quite the same.

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One example IRT cable construction is floating the shield on one end, which is often done with phono cables.