So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...

Here is a very relevant discussion among physicists about the directionality...the way signal and electrons should flow... based on conductor orientation. Some esoteric, high-end manufacturers say they listen to each conductor to see which way the signal should flow for the best audio quality.

Read this discussion. Will it make you rethink what you’re being told and sold?
Just curious, what does a physicist know about cable?  Announcing oneself to be a physicist is somewhat of a give away.    

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05-24-2021 4:48pm
If you hear a difference but your measurement instruments are saying no difference, then there is something wrong with the way you measure.

You don't go to your doctor to have your ears checked. That would be a bit odd. I don't know of anyone who would come to this conclusion.  

Just curious...What does a doctor know about hearing?

I don't know of anyone who would come to the conclusion that a doctor would not check one's hearing?
ted_denney21 posts05-24-2021 9:07pmIt’s easy to hear, conductors in a cable have a directional effect on the sound. In fact you’d either have to be deaf, have a horribly set up stereo, or an insurmountable expectation bias not to hear the difference.

Ted Denney
Lead Designer, Synergistic Research Inc.

Leave it to Ted to come up with a response that prebiases any expectation bias response.

Explain how and why the cable is directional, how the energy propagates through the conductor, and do you listen to each strand of conductor in each multiconductor cable assembly to determine which direction the cable should be oriented? and...What are the electrical parameters of these analog filters that you create?
So if they are marked with arrow, you are going to install then backwards? Not me, I'll install based on the arrows and be happy. Whether I hear it or not, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😜
Just curious...What does a doctor know about hearing?

Aren't they all come from the same guy lols.