So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...

Here is a very relevant discussion among physicists about the directionality...the way signal and electrons should flow... based on conductor orientation. Some esoteric, high-end manufacturers say they listen to each conductor to see which way the signal should flow for the best audio quality.

Read this discussion. Will it make you rethink what you’re being told and sold?
Physicist here, late to the party. For those of you married to the idea that cables are directional, please explain to me how a cable is manufactured to be directional. In other words, what does the manufacturer do to impart the directionality into the cable?

I’ll wait.


well, first a physicist would inquire about the ’observation’, and if after much thinking and much assessment..... that if the observation cannot be dismissed, then look into why a cable might be heard as being directional.

To go after the observation alone (if one decided to do so) as the equation (equation = the observation awaiting an answer) does not seem to have a easy answer.... is to have one’s physics pants on backward.

If you are indeed the physicist, then you figure it out.

If the physicist decides to delete the observation that has literally been heard a million times or more, well that would not be science. That would a mis-trained physicist. Someone not worthy of the degree. Or someone pretending to be one on a forum.

To ask us to prove a complex question/answer set... is to ask us to do the job that a physicist is possibly more well equipped to do. Or should be. If not (not properly trained or not doing this correctly).....possibly even attempting to move the equation out of the science realm...and subtly cast it as emotional-political, all while pretending to be science.

It’s ok, I’ll wait.

OK, changed my mind. I won't wait: 
A real and actual physicist would never have said what was in the post I quoted. not going to happen. If it did, then the physicist very likely needs to be reprimanded or stripped of their papers.
As stated in the first word of my post... My very cordial & friendly response was to Jerry (the fake physicist), not you.
When is someone's dad gonna chime in and yell, knock it off already.
So tired of all the engineers, experts, physicists, and wanna be gurus.
Where's dad when you need him?

All the best,
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05-25-2021 3:11pm

Why should anyone explain anything to you? You havent earned the right. What good would it do!


I always heard that the directionality of a passive cable is due to the direction it comes off the spool. Not saying I agree with this, but just saying.

I've earned plenty. Your frat boy mentality and demeanor is pretty entertaining, though.

Your second statement, here, is evidence that you're not in agreement with cable directionality.