So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...

Here is a very relevant discussion among physicists about the directionality...the way signal and electrons should flow... based on conductor orientation. Some esoteric, high-end manufacturers say they listen to each conductor to see which way the signal should flow for the best audio quality.

Read this discussion. Will it make you rethink what you’re being told and sold?

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05-25-2021 3:11pm

Why should anyone explain anything to you? You havent earned the right. What good would it do!


I always heard that the directionality of a passive cable is due to the direction it comes off the spool. Not saying I agree with this, but just saying.

I've earned plenty. Your frat boy mentality and demeanor is pretty entertaining, though.

Your second statement, here, is evidence that you're not in agreement with cable directionality.

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05-25-2021 5:10pm
As stated in the first word of my post... My very cordial & friendly response was to Jerry (the fake physicist), not you.

Your "cordial and friendly" response to Jerry (the fake physicist) is evidence that you don't even understand the premise on my OP. Your explanation was inaccurate to the subject matter. Many posters on this thread didn't bother to comprehend the entire premise, and steered the subject to floating, single ended shields. Some don't even understand how that's done in practice....but mansplain what they don't know you do.
Jerry asked the question:
"what does the manufacturer do to impart the directionality into the cable?"

My response was to THAT question.

The reason you started this thread is to argue with others about something you have no desire understanding. I have zero interest in that.
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