So you think wire conductors in cables are directional? Think again...

Here is a very relevant discussion among physicists about the directionality...the way signal and electrons should flow... based on conductor orientation. Some esoteric, high-end manufacturers say they listen to each conductor to see which way the signal should flow for the best audio quality.

Read this discussion. Will it make you rethink what you’re being told and sold?
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We all have the ability to remove our own post OP. It's not the mods it's self deletion..  If not, someone learned what the "Report" button was. It's not what's it's for but.. Some think it's right to silence other.

You know just like you.. You think you have all the answers.. Reality just a Johnny come lately trying to get a rise.. You'll be gone soon enough.

You'll get back on your meds and all will be well again for you, until. the cable conspirators show up in your HEAD again..

If you don't know your right from your left or in this case UP from DOWN, you'll learn.. nature will teach you..

I refer to simple logic, LOOK at the bare WIRE.

Get a microscope and LOOK at the cable.. Tell me there is not a direction and how it was put through a dye.. Your asking if it's directional?

How was it made? From the beginning or the END? YOU answer the question?

The question for many, does it SOUND different? Some cable a lot more so than others..

We had a few poster here say they would sneak this "FUSE" in and swap direction on their buddies cables and SEE if they could tell the difference..

ALL LIES.. No one would let anyone mess with their system.. NO ONE..

Especially someone with high dollar cabling or equipment. Total BS..

So OP.. welcome to AG.. for how ever long that last..

Care to speculate on that?

We need to start a Lottery.. See how long you last before a retreat and then a NEW resurrection with a whole new name..