So you want to buy a turntable?


That cartoon is so very true, but it wasn't back in the day; my TT was automatic, start and stop; it was a Girrard Zero 100 SB with the parallel tracking arm; it was "considered" pretty good for that time. No it didn't compare with today's high end TT's, nor did it cost as much, but I thought it was the beginning and the end.

It wasn't till CD's came out, and people who had TT's better than CD said "What's the big deal"? and I said, "You got to be kidding"? Now I can get rid of those noisy records.

Still we're talking mucho plenty peso to get better than CD. If I didn't already have a ton of records I most certainly would not get in to this without a ton of money.

I hope I didn't rain on anyone's parade; the cartoon was ever so appropriate and funny, but real.

Enjoy the music.