Solar Eclipse Music

So what is your best pic for Solar Eclipse Music?? 

So many good choices I'm sure.  I will lead with Alan Parsons Eye in the Sky.



Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden.

It’s weird that after posting the one above, every other video I try to cut ’n paste from YouTube no longer takes.

All the best,

It's such a primal thing to experience, it's all you can do to take it all it but know you'll miss Something.....

Heading out to S/E MO tomorrow....meeting with a cousin, her spouse, and their son on the centerline...

One thing I read was an effect to watch for, when the shadow moves N/E from our IK mph.....+/-.....can't rush the moon, only spank 'stroids..... ;)

I'll report back what comes to mind.....