Solar flares are here, everyone unplug your dryer!

Turns out we have exceptionally high solar activity right now, with a category 4 solar flair expected to impact the planet, potentially affecting satellite communications, electronics and power grids.

Of course, if history is any guide the news is absolutely over excited over this, at best those in the northern states may see pretty lights at night.  I was particularly amused this afternoon at a CNN weather person recommending you unplug your dryer just to be safe.  I mean, is that really the most important appliance in his house?  🤣

Also, kind of off topic, if you have binoculars or a telescope with the right solar filters you can catch a glimpse of the dark spots on the sun associated with this CME.  Amazing to imagine that it is about 15-16x wider than the earth. 


@onhwy61 ....I recognize those odds.....but wonder 'Which Gen number?"

Nonsense to toss cash at the last... ;)

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That’s why people think you post gibberish. *S*. You say things that don’t add up *VBG** You invent words like *Absurdvation* and expect us to decode your renderings. *L* *erp**dld*

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