Sold a component and bought it back, am I nuts?

I sold my brand new naim 5si integrated about a month ago, by sold, I mean I traded it in. I was looking on website of company I traded it into, and noticed in used section. I inquired about it and was told it was indeed the Amp I had traded. They had to open box up to check it out before resale, despite it being new. Anyhow, they had it listed at a greatly reduced rice. Me, knowing it was my former amp, I scooped it back I a genius? Lol...


if they gave you way more in trade-in than what they posted it for, there is only one explanation that makes business sense: they acquired the item that you traded it for, for a lot less, and $1800 was just nominal. No retailer will offer x and then post it for x/2


@asctim Thanks for confirming I’m not nuts, bananas yes! Hahaha...yea, I could not pass buying it back once I saw it listed as used (but not really used). I think the 5si may go well with my JBL 4309’s, whenever I get around to setting them up. I have no clue as to why he let it go for so cheap, and I honestly don't care! 😁