Sold a component and bought it back, am I nuts?

I sold my brand new naim 5si integrated about a month ago, by sold, I mean I traded it in. I was looking on website of company I traded it into, and noticed in used section. I inquired about it and was told it was indeed the Amp I had traded. They had to open box up to check it out before resale, despite it being new. Anyhow, they had it listed at a greatly reduced rice. Me, knowing it was my former amp, I scooped it back I a genius? Lol...


I bought a Boss 302 new off the showroom floor in 1969, and sold it 10 months later to get money to go back to college ....

But, on topic, I let an aquaintance talk me into selling him a couple pairs of vintage speakers at a very reasonable price. With a fairly high level of sellers remorse,I tried to buy them back several times over the years but was rejected. He finally said "yes" but won’t accept anything less than market value for them. I’m hanging on to things that are difficult (impossible) to replace these days. That’s a good formula for collecting "too much stuff".

And, yes, I deserve any criticism I’ll get here for being a "softy" and trying to be accommodating to a "friend."

The formula for collecting is to collect the right stuff. That Boss 302 today is retirement money or a damn fine sound system and transportation. 


Nope. You are not nuts. I did the same thing so I could use the funds towards buy a pair of minty used Cornwall IV’s.

I then bought the PS Audio DirectStream Sr. DAC back with the matching transport !


@lanx0003 new it is $1999. I received $1750 for it in trade. I bought it back for $999. I also bought back from same seller, my 4 meter pair of NaC A5 terminated (bananas) speaker cables for $299....they are $500 new! So total was $1298 for both the 5si & Nac A5 cables, free shipping and no sales tax! If I bought both back new, it would have cost me $2655 (Includes sales tax) plus any shipping. The merchant did not use either the Amp or cables, so they are essentially still new.