solid core VS stranded for inside speaker cabinet

I recently purchased a crossover upgrade DIY from a popular seller GR research for a Klip 504c however the seller sent me in the kit Solid core wire as part of the kit   , I always thought stranded was best and I haven't really seen solid used before inside of a speaker cabinet , I was taught that electrons flow on the outside of a wire not the inside so having many strands is better vs 1 16 awg solid core wire , I thought that this seller maybe just wanted to save a little money by sending this wire out but he insists solid core is better , my gut wants me to finish this project off with stranded not solid core , I want to ask what's better and why,  is it possible solid wire from the cross over to the speaker is better or is stranded better from the cross over to the speaker? 


@jasonbourne52 Indeed you can't always hear slightly better equipment.  But as we go about putting together our system, consistently making the best choice, often guided by physics, sometimes by experience, the 30 to 50 choices we make will add up to superior sound in the end.

I snicker at those who describe the performance of a component with terms that sound like a review from wine spectator, but you are at the other end of the spectrum.  reading your comments one could assume that they can buy a 1000 ft reel of 22 ga wire and just use it for everything.  That is obviously not true. 

The truth is always somewhere in the middle.  but in our society today people like to polarize to one end of the other.  

I'm in the middle.


Solid wire has ever so slightly more cross sectional area than the equivalent multi strand wire since it does not have the miniscule air gaps in between the individual strands, and hence is capable of carrying slightly more current.

The downside however is that it is not flexible.

So, it IS ok to use solid wire in areas which will NOT be subject to any motion or vibration.

As far as the skin effect is concerned, at those frequencies and the lengths of wire involved, the effect is negligible and will be inaudible, especially if you use thicker than required wire.


IHave been modding Loudspeakers for over 20 years ,i personally like Cardas-0

crystal Copper Litz wire,  Litz sounds clearer and faster  I find ideal ,Vh audio 24 strand  litz - individual stands each strand is thin Teflon coated.

is also very good but more work separating the conductors from the center cotton weave.

Danny is has a ton of experience experimenting and testing this stuff.  He's also a straight shooter and wouldn't sell you something cheaper to increase his profit by a few cents...he'd just charge a bit more if necessary.  You bought his kit and his experience for a reason.  If you were in a position to go against his recommendations, you wouldn't have ordered from him in the first place.  Try it.