Solid Maple vs Butcher Block

Does anyone have any experience with solid maple vs maple butcher block? Solid maple is expensive but there is a relatively local facility that manufacturers maple butcher block that is affordable. I can get 2.875" (or thinner) maple butcher block cut to my requirements.

I am specifically looking at the butcher block for speaker stands. Now my speakers are spiked through carpet onto concrete.

But any "real" experience would be appreciated. If someone has compared the two for turntable stands or amp stands I would appreciate their observations.

Thank you for the response. Was Michigan Maple from a specific company? I did a search and several companies came up but they made cutting boards and counter tops.

What ways did either platform improve performance? What is your floor made of?
Michigan Maple is the name, they often sell on Audiogon and ebay. They are not an audio company but realized there was an audio market for their products My floors are wood.
It is important for speakers to have a solid footing. What you are doing now (spiked through carpet onto concrete) is better than putting them on any wood block unless the wood block is directly secured to the concrete floor.
Thanks for the responses. Please keep them coming.

FYI, I already have some nice spikes to use under any platform I make from butcher block. MapleShade platforms also come with spikes.

Then with either solid maple or butcher block the speakers would have spikes sitting on disks to prevent scratching the maple.
So you are putting the speakers with spikes on maple platforms which are also on spikes. I don't understand why you are doing that unless you want to lift the speakers up a few inches.