Solid state amp for Stratus Gold i

Currently using B&K components AV5000 II. Need more power specially now that moved to larger room. System doubles as HT but I give priority to two channel. Budget is $700-$1000.
Rest of system is Source Panasonic DMP-BD-60 Blu-ray, Marantz AV-550 Pre. Have dedicated lines and grounding. Tweaks specially vibration aplenty and some acoustic treatment as well. Thanks for your valuable comments and suggestions.
Hi , im currently using an Adcom 5802 with good results . I also have used a Adcom 555 . I prefer the sound of mosfet vs bipolar . Good luck those speakers have great base .
I used a Rotel RB-1090 for years and they sounded great together. You really can't have too much power for Goldi's. I used others as well-Parasound JC-1's, Nuforce 9SE's, and tried others but the Rotel had the most body, bass, and tamed the highs that got a little hot with the other amps. Great soundstage, too. I had sold my first RB-1090 when I "upgraded" to the other amps, then had to buy another Rotel after I got rid of the JC-1's and the 9's. Duh. If I still had that big room I would still have the same setup-synergy!