Solid state amp vs tube amps

Is there a noticeable difference in the sound quality of Tube amplifiers vs solid state amplifier?


I prefer tube amplifiers over solid state. Tube amps usually have a better soundstage and more air and dimensionality over solid state. Tube sound more real and more engaging. Solid state amps sound more accurate and better precise.  I own a few solid state amps but have twice more tube amps in my home. 

IMHO both can sound great. Tube amps always sound good. As takes more monaaay. 

I have always used tube amps all my life but recently started looking for a solid state amp because of the growing unreliability of currently made tubes. There are some solid state amps that can make tube enthusiasts happy because they will sound a bit like "tube amps", but the problem is the price, as you have to pay considerably more for a good solid state amp than for a decent tube amp. For me, for example, Vitus Audio SIA - 025 is a wonderful amp I could replace my tube amp with any time, but the price is very high.